Please answer the following questions after first reviewing the following documents
Soccer Coaching Guide and Quick Start Guide
Soccer Rules- SOI
Soccer SOKS Adaptation Rules Modification
SOKS Basic General Information

This exam needs to be completed every 4 years.

Sport-specific Quiz: Soccer

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1. The easiest way to receive a ball is with the _______ of the foot.
2. Successful passing starts with eye contact with the intended receiver.
3. It's best to teach passing with the ________ of the foot first
4. The best way to teach shooting is ____________.
5. Most goals are scored from ___________.
6. It is harder for a goalkeeper to save a low shot.
7. Running too fast at a offensive person with the ball can be a problem when playing defense.
8. For goalkeepers, it is best to catch the ball ____________________.
9. When rolling out the ball, goalkeepers should pass the ball to teammates ________________.
10. The goalkeeper can throw the ball over the midfield line without it touching another player or the ground.
11. All throw-ins must be completed with both feet on the ground.
12. How long are SOKS soccer matches?
13. All SOKS athletes must have a physical on file with the state ofice prior to attending _______.
14. All athletes must attend a regional competition (if offered) in order to attend a state competition.
15. All SOKS coaches and team assistant must have a Class A form and Protective Behaviors certification on file with HQ.
16. Athletes with Down syndrome must have an addendum on file w/HQ office.
17. Coaching certification lasts for 4 years from the date of this exam.
18. How many player substitutions are allowed in each match?
19. What size is the goal for 5-a-side?