Please answer the following questions after first reviewing the following documents
Basketball Coaching Guide and Quick Start Guide
Special Olympics Inc. Basketball Rules Revised 2014
Basketball SOKS Adaptation Rules Modification
SOKS Basic General Information

This exam needs to be completed every 4 years.

Sport-specific Quiz: Basketball

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1. Athletes should dribble with which part of their hand?
2. Most passes are accompanied by a step ___________.
3. Three types of passes include one-handed, chest and bounce passes.
4. Catching is not part of the passing skill.
5. The shooting hand is in front and slightly under the ball.
6. Right-handed shooters should put their _______ leg forward when shooting.
7. Shots should have backspin on the way to the goal.
8. Athletes take off with the left foot when completing a right-handed lay-up.
9. A good defensive stance includes putting weight on one's heels.
10. In which level(s) can teams fast break?
11. What is the maximum points per athlete per half in Level 4?
12. At the state tournament, individual skills competition is offered on Thursday afternoon and team play on Friday and Saturday.
13. All SOKS athletes must have a physcial on file with the state office before attending __________.
14. All athletes must attend a regional competition (if offered) in order to attend a state competition.
15. All SOKS coaches and team assistants must have a Class A form and Protective Behaviors certification on file with with HQ.
16. Athletes with Down syndrome must have an addendum on file with HQ.
17. Sport-specific certications last 4 years from the date of taking the exam.