Please answer the following questions after first reviewing the following documents
Swimming Coaching Guide, Quick Start Guide
Special Olympics Inc. Swimming Rules Revised 2014
Swimming Event Information
SOKS Basic General Information

This exam needs to be completed every 4 years.

Sport-specific Quiz: Swimming

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1. Which items are not allowed to be worn by athletes while swimming?
2. Gym shorts can replace a traditional male swimsuit.
3. For how long should an athlete warm up?
4. A more flexible muscle is a stonger muscle.
5. Athletes with Down syndrome may have less muscle tone than other athletes.
6. Cramp and soreness can result from abruptly stopping an activity.
7. Which stroke is typically first taught to beginning swimmers?
8. ______ finger-first entry is recommended for the freestyle.
9. An athlete's head should be turned, not lifted, out of the water when breathing.
10. When kicking, a large splash should follow the athlete.
11. In freestyle, how many leg kicks are usually in one arm-cycle?
12. In backstroke, athletes should keep legs as close together as possible when kicking.
13. In backstroke, bent arms are better than straight arms.
14. What is the minimum pool depth for teaching a dive start?
15. What are the three basic swimming starts?
16. About 15 minutes before an event, an athlete should drink how many ounces of water?
17. The best liquid replacement for most events is _______.
18. _________ are the body's major energy source.
19. In freestyle, bent arms are not encouraged.
20. In freestyle, there is a slight bend in the knees.
21. In backstroke, ears should be completely above the water.
22. In backstroke, _________ should come out of the water first.
23. State Swimming is held in Wichita the Friday of Summer Games.
24. At state, swimmers can only participate in 2 events and a relay.
25. The 25m Walk is considered a low motor event.
26. Athletes cannot participate in both regular and low-motor events.