Sport-specific Quiz: Athletics

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1. Athletes who throw the tennis ball 20 meters will be moved to the Softball Throw.
2. The quicker the foot strikes the ground, the faster the athlete runs.
3. A runner's heel should be the first part of the foot to hit the ground.
4. Runners should lean outward when running curves.
5. The least competitive runner should be the last runner on relay team.
6. Running Long Jump: In-flight-step style athlete should extend lead leg with the take off leg trailing.
7. An athlete should land on heels for the running long jump.
8. Shot-put: Turn upperbody 90 degrees away from direction of put.
9. In the shot put, the non-throwing arm is relaxed, extended in front of body.
10. Athletes in wheelchairs should grasp the wheel at the 11 o'clock position.
11. At state, athletic athletes can only participate in 2 events and a relay.
12. State track is held in Wichita the Saturday and Sunday of Summer Games.
13. The athlete's stronger leg is usually the take off leg for the running long jump.
14. Quick leg movements are essential to any race walking event.
15. Swing arms vigorously when race walking.
16. The 50m Race Walk is a low motor event.
17. Follow through of the softball throw should be down and across the body.
18. Running long jump take off board/line is .5 meters from the landing pit.
19. Athletes may enter both the running and standing long jump.
20. Athletes must be able to jump 1m to enter the running long jump.