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Snowshoeing Coaching Guide, Quick Start Guide
Special Olympics Inc. Snowshoeing Rules Revised 2014
SOKS Basic General Information

This exam needs to be completed every 4 years.

Sport-specific Quiz: Snowshoeing

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1. It is recommended that snowshoers wear clothing that:
2. It is mandatory that waterproof boots be worn with snowshoes during Special Olympics snowshoe competitions.
3. Special Olympics snowshoeing rules state that snowshoes must be at least ____________________.
4. Athletes are allowed to use poles during Special Olympics snowshoeing competitions.
5. Snowshoe overlap most frequently occurs ____________________.
6. To help snowshoers avoid overlap, coaches can instruct them to ____________________.
7. Two skills that are very important to teach beginning snowshoers are ____________________.
8. When teaching beginning snowshoers to make sharp turns, coaches should emphasize landing on the ____________________ to prevent loss of balance.
9. When ascending or descending a hill on snowshoes, athletes should be instructed to follow the ____________________.
10. During sprint starts, it is advised that athletes put their ____________________ forward for a strong launch from the starting line.
11. During Special Olympics snowshoeing competitions, coaches are allowed to enter the course in order to pace or guide their athletes.
12. During Special Olympics snowshoeing competitions, if an athlete leaves the track or has trouble with equipment, he or she has ____________________ minute(s) to reenter the track or correct the equipment problem.
13. During Special Olympics snowshoeing competitions, a competitor has finished the race when his or her ____________________ reaches the vertical plane of the finish line.
14. During Special Olympics snowshoeing competitions, an athlete may legally pass the finish line without both snowshoes on if they are within 20 meters of the finish line.
15. All SOKS coaches must have a Class A form and Protective Behaviors certification on file with HQ in order to coach.
16. If an athlete with Down syndrome is positive for atlantoaxial instability, the Down Syndrome Addendum form on file with HQ office must state that it's okay for the athlete to participate in a specific sport (in this case snowshoeing).
17. Coaching certification lasts for 5 years from the date of the exam or training school attended.
18. Athletes should have a physical on file with HQ before practicing.