Please answer the following questions after first reviewing the following documents:

Cheerleading Contest Rules
SOKS Basic General Information

This exam needs to be completed every 4 years.

Sport-specific Quiz: Cheerleading

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1. SOKS offers the following catgories in cheerleading: Small, Stunt, and Large
2. On which categories are cheerleading squads judged?
3. Pyramids may be performed in the Small or Large category.
4. Only SOKS approved stunts may be used in competition.
5. Which of the following is correct?
6. If a Down Syndrome athlete is positive for atlantioaxial, the Down Syndrome Addendum that is on file with the HQ office must state it is okay for the athlete to participate in a specific sport (in this case cheerleading).
7. Coaching certification lasts 4 years from the date of this exam.
8. Physicals given between Jan.1, 2016- December 31, 2017 are good until December 31, 2019.
9. To be listed as a coach, a volunteer must have a Concussion Training Certificate on file with SOKS.
10. In order to practice with a team, athletes must have a current physical on file with the SOKS headquarters office in Kansas City.