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Cross Country Skiing Coaching Guide

SOKS Basic General Information

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Sport-specific Quiz: Cross Country Skiing

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1. During all Special Olympics cross country skiing competitions, __________________ rules shall be employed, except when they are in conflict with the Official Special Olympics Sports Rules for cross country skiing or Article I.
2. If there are not enough athletes to properly division separate classical- and free-technique events of similar distances during Special Olympics cross country skiing competitions, _______________________.
3. A Special Olympics cross country skiing Unified ® relay team consists of ____________________.
4. During Special Olympics cross country skiing competitions, a competitor may be disqualified by the jury if he/she:
5. What are the four fundamental skiing skills that serve as foundations for basic ski lessons?
6. When a cross country skiing athlete must get up from a fall, the first thing they should do is roll on their back with legs and skis up in the air.
7. When on a cross country skiing trail, athletes who are passing slower skiers must ____________.
8. Skiers who enter a main trail from a side trail ____________.
9. When stopping on cross country skiing trails, athletes are advised not to ____________.
10. Easier cross country skiing trails are marked by ____________.
11. To change direction on the track (such as a 90 or 180 degree turn), athletes are encouraged to use ____________.
12. The skier's athletic stance does not include: