Please answer the following questions after first reviewing the following documents
Powerlifting Coaching Guide, Quick Start Guide
Special Olympics Inc. Powerlifting Rules Revised 2014
SOKS Basic General Information

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Sport-specific Quiz: Powerlifting

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1. During all Special Olympics powerlifting competitions, ________ rules shall be employed, except when they are in conflict with the Official Special Olympics Sports Rules for powerlifting of Article 1.
2. Powerlifting events held during official Special Olympics competition include which of the following?
3. Athletes are divisioned in Special Olympics powerlifting events by:
4. The minimum age to compete in a Special Olympics powerlifting competition is:
5. Lifting with a prosthesis is forbidden in Special Olympics powerlifting competitions.
6. During the squat, a lifter may request the assistance of spotters to remove the bar from the racks; however, spotters may not assist the lifter with proper positioning, foot placement, bar positioning, etc
7. Athletes with Down Syndrome who have been diagnosed with Atlanto-axial Instability may not participate in the back squat lift.
8. "Training for balance" means:
9. Weight training exercises to avoid due to their high degree of risk include which of the following?
10. _________________ is critical to an athlete's optimal performance in both training and competition