Sport Test- Bowling
Please answer the following questions after first reviewing the following documents
Bowling Quick Start Guide
Bowling SOKS Adaptation Rules Modification
SOKS Basic General Information
This exam needs to be completed every 4 years.

Sport-specific Quiz: Bowling

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Most SO athletes use the conventional grip.
Athletes should establish a stance that is comfortable to them.
Too establish a good "push away", the athlete must start with the ball below their waist
Backswing should go past your waist.
Follow thru should end up with the arm coming across the body.
Regional bowlers are divisioned by scores turned into by their coach to the regional director.
Athletes are awarded based on a 2 game total score.
If an athlete chooses they can bowl 1 game and double that score for their 2 game total.
Coaches can assist non ramp bowlers, but not ramp bowlers.
All SOKS athletes must have a physical on file w/the HQ office to participate in the program.
Down syndrome athletes must have an addendum on file w/HQ office that states bowling is a sport the athlete can compete.
All SOKS coaches must have a Class A form and Protective Behaviors
All athletes must attend a regional competition (if offered) in order to attend a state competition.
If regional bowling registration isn't received by October 1st, you should contact your regional director.
Regional bowling is held in October every year.
Coaching certification lasts 4 years from the date of this exam.
State bowlers are divisioned by the average of the 2 games bowled at the regional tournament.