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Volleyball Coaching Guide, Quick Start Guide, and Sports Rules
Volleyball SOKS Rules Modifications, Divisions and Rules
SOKS Basic General Information

This exam needs to be completed every 4 years.

Sport-specific Quiz: Volleyball

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1. Athletes should be taught a repeatable routine each time they serve.
2. Right handed servers should stand with their right foot in front of the left when serving.
3. When passing a ball the athlete should use one arm.
4. When setting, it is best for the ball to make contact with both hands at the same time.
5. Games are played to _____ points.
6. Spiking is NOT allowed in Level I.
7. In Level IIB, after an athlete serves _____ straight points, the team must rotate and the next athlete in the rotation continues serving.
8. Level IIB athletes may serve from a line that is 10 feet inside the baseline.
9. Level III games are played with a ball that is lighter and bigger than a regulation volleyball.
10. Level III games are played on a regulation size court.
11. Level III games have an automatic side out if an athlete serves five straight points.
12. What is the time limit for Level IIB and III games?
13. All SOKS athletes must have a physcial on file with the SOKS HQ office to participate in the program.
14. All athletes must attend a regional competition (if offered) in order to attend a state competition.
15. All SOKS coaches must have a Class A Form and Protective Behaviors Certification on file with SOKS HQ to coach.
16. If a Down Syndrome athlete is positive for atlantioaxial, the Down Syndrome Addendum that is on file with the HQ office must state it is okay for the athlete to participate in a specific sport (in this case volleyball).
17. Coaching certification lasts ____ years from the date of this exam.
18. Regional volleyball is held in October of every year.
19. If regional volleyball registration isn't received by October 1st, you should contact your regional director.
20. The state volleyball competition is held in Topeka the 3rd weekend in November.