Please answer the following questions after first reviewing the following documents:
Bocce Coaching Guide, Quick Start Guide, and Sports Rules
Special Olympics Inc Bocce Rules
Bocce SOKS Adaptation Rules Modification
SOKS Basic General Information
This exam only needs to be completed once per coach.

Sport-specific Quiz: Bocce

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1. A regulation bocce court is 12' x 60'.
2. Right-handed athletes should step with their _____ foot as they start their throwing motion.
3. The arm should be bent on the backswing before the ball is released.
4. The athlete receives _____ chances to toss the pallina past the 30' line to start a frame.
5. If Team A or player A delivers the pallina, then the other team/player tosses the first ball of that frame.
6. The players of any given team may elect to play their balls in any rotation provided the one who tosses the pallina delivers the first bocce call.
7. Games are played to 10 points or 15 minutes, whichever comes first (or for Unified team 15pts/30minutes).
8. Athletes must change ends after each frame.
9. In singles, the most points a person can score in a frame is 5 points.
10. SOKS offers singles, doubles, team and Unified team bocce.
11. Coaches may request that athletes play on the half-court (approx. 6ft x30ft)
12. In order to practice with a team, athletes must have a current physical on file with th SOKS HQ in Kansas City.
13. Physicals given between January 1, 2016 and December 31, 2017 are good until December 31, 2019.
14. If a Down Syyndrome athlete is positive for atlantioaxial, the Down Syndrome Addendum that is on file with th HQ office must state it is okay for the athlete to participate in a specific sport, in this case bocce.
15. To be listed as a coach, a volunteer must have the Concussion Training Certificate on file with SOKS.
16. Coaching certification lasts _____ from the date of this exam.