Special Olympics General Orientation
Please answer the following questions after first reviewing the following documents
Principles of Coaching Guide
General Orientation Guide
Athlete Centered Coaching Guide

This exam only needs to be completed once per coach.

Special Olympics General Orientation

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Principles of Coaching
Coaching does not involve teaching, training, instructing, and more.
Athlete Development is not an objective of coaching
Coaches should strive to win within the rules.
Coaches should allow athletes to ask "why."
Athletes risk injury and increase frustration levels if a coach lacks sport knowledge.
60% of communication is non-verbal.
Coaches need to be inconsistent and fair.
Untrained listeners hear less than 20% of a conversation.
Coaches should reward frequently, especially when new skills are being learned.
Do not choose a punishment that causes you to feel guilty.
Athlete goals need to be measurable.
Motivation is not about having needs and striving to have those needs met.
General Orientation
Special Olympics believes individuals with intellectual disabilities should receive appropriate instruction?
At what age may an athlete compete in Competitions?
Special Olympics offers sports opportunities for all ability levels?
The Athlete Oath states: "Let me win, But if I cannot win, Let me be brave in the attempt."
Special Olympics Kansas is solely focused on developing the physical skills of athletes
Which is not a SOKS region?
(Example: the Mud Hens Special Olympics delegation has 4 basketball teams, so they will need 1 certified coach).
Starting August 2017 each Local Program must have 1 certified coach for each sport it registers for competition.
Athletes are permitted to practice without a physical on file at the SOKS Headquarters office.
SOKS has a Code of Conduct for both Athletes & Coaches?
Which sport is not offered during Summer Games competition in June?
Which is not a Level of Competition offered to SOKS athletes?
SOKS may have rules specific to Kansas that are different from National Governing Body Rules or Official Special Olympics Sport Rules?
Skill Assessment Test (SAT) DO NOT need to be done for each athlete in team sports?
Which is not a Special Olympics age group for individual sports?
Special Olympics requires at least an eight-week training program prior to any competitive event?
Skills Assessment test (SAT) should only be completed for "new" athletes
Which is not true regarding Unified Sports?
Better preparation for life is a goal for Special Olympics?
I have read the Coaches Code of Conduct
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