Please answer the following questions after first reviewing the following documents:

Cycling Coaching Guide, Quick Start Guide
Special Olympics Inc. Cycling Rules Revised 2014
Cycling SOKS Adaptation Rules Modification
SOKS Basic General Information

This exam needs to be completed every 4 years.

Sport-specific Quiz: Cycling

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1. Physicals given after January 1, 2016, are good until ___________.
2. Physicals should be sent to the SOKS Headquarters.
3. SOKS offers the 3k race.
4. SOKS allows athletes to compete in only two events.
5. A ratio of one coach for every _____ athletes is recommended.
6. Helmet: The front edge of the helmet should rest just above the eyebrows.
7. Road bicycles have heavier wheels and tires with more tread, which are slower on the pavement.
8. A cycling toolkit should include a spoke wrench.
9. When learning to ride a bike, the athlete's bike should allow them to comfortably sit on the seat while touching the ground with their feet.
10. Riding a Straight Line Drill: Set up two rows of cones and have athletes ride between the two rows of cones which are parallel to each other.
11. When a cyclist is signaling to turn, it should be done with the _____ hand.
12. When climbing a hill, the body weight should be in front of the saddle.
13. When dealing with a rude or angry driver, just smile, wave, and take mental notes about the make and color of the car.